Piper High Lift Camshafts

Piper High Lift Camshafts, Pulleys & Cambelts

The minimum initial requirements before fitting a performance camshaft are: free flow air filter and a performance exhaust, i.e. the engine needs more air flow in and out for the cam to work properly. If the vehicle has a catalyst - choose a cat friendly camshaft - ask us when ordering.

What does a high lift cam do?
1. Increases the amount of valve opening (lift)
2. Increases the period the valves are open, i.e. open sooner, shut later, (duration/timing).
The net result of this is to increase the fuel / air mixture which the pistons can draw in during the induction stroke and push out when they are exhausted.

Advantages - more mixture - more power
Disadvantages - Harsher idle (depending on how wild the cam is), slightly reduced low end torque.

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