Kent High Lift Performance Camshafts

Kent Performance Cams, Adjustable Vernier Pulleys & Competition Cambelts

Kent Performance Cams, Adjustable Vernier Pulleys & Competition cambelts

Kent Camshafts are one of the leading UK manufacturers of uprated cams and cam kits. With over 30 years experience in motorsport they have the experience and technical ability to design superb fast road and motorsport cams for the VAG range.

  1. What does a high lift cam do?
    Increases the amount of valve opening (lift)
  2. Increases the period the valves are open, i.e. open sooner, shut later, (duration/timing).

The net result of this is to increase the fuel / air mixture which the pistons can draw in during the induction stroke and push out when they are exhausted.

  • Advantages - more mixture - more power
  • Disadvantages - Harsher idle (depending on how wild the cam is), slightly reduced low end torque.

At C&R we recommend that prior to fitting a performance cam a free flow air filter and a performance exhaust are fitted. These assist in getting more air flow in and out of the engine helping the cam to work properly.

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