Heavy Duty Exhaust Fittings

Heavy Duty Exhaust Fittings, with Chains & Powerflex

Heavy Duty Exhaust Rubbers

Many of the well built performance exhaust systems are fairly heavy and put quite a strain on the standard exhaust rubbers.  Having purchased and fitted your sports exhaust the last thing you want is for it to drop off!  That's why C&R sell heavy duty exhaust rubbers.

Powerflex Exhaust Rubbers

Powerflex market a range of different shapes of exhaust rubber made from high quality polyurethane which will support your exhaust system with ease.

C&R Heavy Duty Exhaust Rubbers with Chains

This is a product which we have been successfully marketing for over 15 years. These rubbers look almost identical to a standard diamond shaped exhaust rubber which VAG have used on too many vehicles to list.  The secret of their success is that underneath the rubber is a metal link chain similar to a bicycle chain.  These chain type rubbers will take the weight of just about any exhaust without stretching or breaking.

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