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Black Diamond Clutches, Quick Shifts & Counterweights
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Diamond Power Clutches

Utilizing Black Diamond's expertise in high performance friction materials and advanced production techniques performance clutch kits were developed. The Black Diamond clutch can transmit 20% more torque than any original equipment or after market clutch kit. The Diamond clutch has stronger driven plate springs, stronger diaphragm springs and is produced using a high temperature friction material.

  • Able to transmit up to 20% more torque
  • Stronger drive plate and diaphragm springs
  • Produces increased clamping pressure
  • Designed for high performance fast road cars 

The Diamond Power Clutch is designed to give an increase in clamping pressure over original equipment or standard replacement items. The friction material is of the highest quality available. Diamond Power Clutches are designed for high performance fast road cars. The Power Clutch gives a more instant response when the clutch pedal is dropped thus improving fast start times, giving your car that vital edge.

There will of course be a corresponding increase in pedal pressure but the feel and control which the Diamond Power Clutch provides is quite superb.

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